The difficulty of playing a game that Girona wanted to play

Girona will start a new life after the game against Alava (8:45 p.m., BeIN LaLiga), in which it will close its two-season stage in the First Division. Statistically, there is a remote option that would allow permanence to be a reality. But in Montilivi, subject to a pain difficult to digest, nobody believes: the victory in Vitoria should be accompanied by the defeat of Celta Balaídos against a raid already descended, and between the two parties should dry seven goals of the general goal-average.

Eusebio Sacristán will lead his last game on the Girona bench, despite having another year of contract. The return to Segona, especially for the way it will take place, spoiling a considerable margin of points -new in the end of March- and with a constant feeling of inability, has made him lose all credibility and will force Quique Prison to build a new project without him At the moment when Girona was playing the garlic, he lost eight of the last nine games. Especially painful was the kick in Valladolid, where the team did not shoot between the three clubs and gave an image that was very contrary to their usual competitiveness. Far from the essence that made him big, the worst part of all is to feel that all this would not have happened if Girona had always been Girona. Now, however, lamenting is no longer useful.

In the last game of Girona to Primera there will be Cristhian Stuani, his top scorer with 40 goals. The Uruguayan, who played infiltrated against Levante, suffered a relapse to the sole of his left leg. Despite playing injury, he made believe in the hope of salvation by advancing the white-and-red with a new show of commitment that the city can never thank him enough. The Uruguayan is one of the soccer players who could leave Montilivi in ​​the coming weeks, because he has a very succulent lineup and he has won the right to continue competing to the highest level. In fact, a major staff restructuring is expected: starting with those who finish a contract and will not continue (Gorka Iraizoz, Ramalho and Raúl García), those who will not return (Aleix García, Douglas Luiz and Patrick Roberts), players who have not Found lace (Doumbia, Lozano or Carles Planas), or the first swords that can not be retained (Stuani, Portu, Bernardo, Pedro Porro or Mojica). The seduction capacity of the new project will depend on players like Àlex Granell, Pere Pons, Borja García, Juanpe, Muniesa or Bounou trying to make a second promotion to the elite. In Vitoria it will be a night of farewells.

In spite of everything, Girona will not throw the game into the trash. There is at stake the dignity of finishing well. Because winning is easy, but you should also know how to lose. Down with Stuani there are those of Douglas Luiz and Johan Mojica, who also played with discomfort last week. Nor will Borja García, who will close his penalty for two games, neither Juanpe nor Raúl García, by technical decision. Bernardo, Aleix García and Doumbia point to ownership, although men like Porro, Ramalho, Planas, Roberts and Soni could also participate in the last night at Primera. Alava, on the other hand, also closes a cycle: Abelardo's on the bench, in which he flirted with Europe but he will remain at the doorstep. Girona, however, will already have enough work to come to the field, because the depression is heavy. The endings are never welcome. And this, after two precious years and with the insecurity of the one who knows that maybe he will not live again, much less.

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