The controversy: How should Real Madrid fire Bale ?: Indifference or applause

WITH HONORS, by José Aguado: If there is something that has made clear this season is that winning the Champions is a feat, you have to overcome wars, have the luck on your side, and what is not repeated much: be very good. Winning one is a success; To conquer two consecutive ones is almost impossible and to achieve three is something that our eyes may not see again. To win in four of five, is an era. On Sunday, the Bernabéu will say goodbye to some of the players who have starred in this historic cycle. It is true that the year has been disappointing and that the end has become heavy and long; It is true that some players have been far below their level and have shown a pusillanimous character in the face of adversity. But they are the same ones that have filled the museum with trophies and Madrid's memory of images that will accompany all of life. And all, remember, it started with that career of Bale in Mestalla.

WITH INDIFFERENCE, by José Manuel Martín: The logical thing, in the last match of a player who has scored four decisive goals to win two Champions League finals and one of the Copa del Rey against Barcelona, ​​would be a farewell with applause and even a tear. But the logical thing would also be that Bale, after six seasons in Madrid, had dedicated to his fans some gesture of complicity and even a press conference in Spanish. But no, the Welshman is still the same unknown as when he arrived from Tottenham as a side able to make three goals against Inter. The Bernabéu stand does not forget the wonderful Chilean to Liverpool in Kiev, nor the race in which he leaves Bartra in the Mestalla, although he would have appreciated something more temperamental in bad times and a symptom that he felt the shield. So for goodbye, return Gareth all that indifference.

BETTER THAN NOT PRESENT, by Juan Luis Carrasco: They say that football has no memory and that the fans of Real Madrid suffers from that dysfunction in an acute way, which is made more effective by those who gave them titles with excellent performances when luck is twisted. I do not think that is the case of Bale. With respect to Welsh, the memory is alive, painful and bleeding. His punctual goals within a champion team do not dignify or save a career in the entity that launched him to fame marked by his apathy, apathy and absolute absence of empathy, when not contempt, with what is and represents a great institution like the white club. There is a game left at the Bernabéu, the goodbye, and the best option is for the Welshman to rest from his busy season with holes in any golf course … to be able to be from his homeland. That he does not show up and, if Zidane gives him the gift as a poisoned farewell gift, the liking that has suffered from his apathy and ninguneo is in his right to pay him a well-deserved peep. May so much peace take …

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