NBA Terry Rozier says he might have to go; if...

Terry Rozier says he might have to go; if Boston runs the same team back


Boston Celtics point guard Recently, Terry Rozier sat for an interview with ESPN's “First Take” analysts. Amongst their discussions, a full selection was requested. keep the same roster. His answer was straight to the point:

Stephen A. Smith: “If the Celtics told you,‘ We are giving everyone back (the next season). The same team. It will be just as it was last year. 'Do you want to stay in Boston?'

Terry Rozier: “B and I might have to go (x2). I put a lot together this year. I said what I said at the end of the season. I think we all know that I don't want to tackle that again. ”

Rozier has a vital role to play for the Celtics on a number of occasions, but for any reason his services are often forgotten. Last season, he took on a more active role, as there were injuries by Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward. This season, Rozier saw that there was a slight decrease in his role. Irving was back in the fold, which reduced the time Rozier was playing at the position of point guards.

In his presence on ESPN's “Get Up!”, Rozier noted that the schemes drawn up in practice did not always translate into actual game settings:

Mike Greenberg: “How was it different on the floor than it was in practice?” T

Terry Rozier: “We have the first five, and then the second five. And then, when we went out there, I think a lot of men were mixed up. It wouldn't be the first five and the second five. What we spoke in practice is what we went through in the game. ”

It is quite safe to say that Rozier is not satisfied with how the Celtics used his services in this campaign. Whether or not he will be with the team next season will not be seen:

“I'm going to be a bit easy (in the season),” Rozier replied when he was asked about his future. “I'm going to relax a bit, help myself. I look forward to just playing ball. I can't care for where I go. The Celtics are, of course, the only organization I have known for four years. I love it there, but we need to go away.

“I hope I get my chance, whether with the Celtics or anywhere else,” said Rozier at closing. “I think I can be myself and play my game wherever I go.”

Will Will Rozier with the Celtics next season, or will he take a pioneering role with another team? It is intended that he will be a free restriction agent, so Boston will have an opportunity to match any contract. Kyrie Irving's role could also play a role in this decision.

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