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Supervisory board meeting of the airport company: BER managers hold on to the opening date – Berlin


The Berlin, yes the Germans believe after a new survey with a large majority no longer that the airport BER in October 2020 starts. Airport chief Engelbert Lütke Daldrup and chief inspector Rainer Bretschneider reaffirmed this goal on Friday, when in Tegel the supervisory board of the airport company (FBB) dealt with the problems of fire detectors, cable drops, dowels and torn deadlines.

"They are too worried!" Said Lütke Daldrup before the meeting, which is still ongoing. Bretschneider said: "I do not participate in the excitement about intermediate goals. I still approach this project with healthy optimism. "

But according to a recent survey by the Civey Institute, citizens have lost faith in BER 2020. And that in Germany even more than in the region, since since start of construction 13 years ago now five opening dates were not kept, in particular, the short-term cancellation of the launch date in 2012 had provoked worldwide headlines.

Today, only 7.7 percent of Germans are likely to start operations in October 2020. Broken down, only 5.8 percent consider it "more likely", 1.9 percent find it "very likely". By contrast, 46.5 percent of Germany's respondents said that the opening of Berlin's new airport in October 2020 was "very unlikely".

38.8 percent of the survey participants consider the appointment to be "unlikely". Together, that's 85.3 percent. The online survey conducted by the Civey Institute between 13 May and 17 May had involved 12 058 users, with the institute reporting a statistical error rate of 2.5 percent. The Berliners are even a little more confident than the rest of the republic. The survey results look a bit better, if only marginally.

The situation was not dramatic, my Lütke Daldrup and Bretschneider

13.8 percent of the Berliners surveyed consider the opening on the targeted date "more likely", 3.9 percent "very likely" – about one in five is still in 2020. But here is the vast majority convinced that the appointment again can not be kept. 40.6 percent consider it "very unlikely" that the BER opened in October 2020, 36.4 percent for "rather unlikely".

This sentiment is in line with the situation on the construction site, where it has become increasingly unlikely – but not yet impossible – to open BER in October 2020, given torn buffers and persistent acute problems with Tagesspiegel research.

On the other hand, those responsible on Friday also expressed their confidence that the appointment was not in jeopardy. Not only Lütke Daldrup and Bretschneider, but also other supervisory board members – for example from the employee side – did not consider the situation to be dramatic. "The risk, which does not work in 2020, is getting lower every day," said one with a Berlin mandate.

There are more than 9,000 serious deficiencies in the terminal

In contradiction to such statements is that Bosch has still not managed, for example, to put into operation the highly complex fire alarm system in the terminal, in which 30,000 fire detectors pick up and process signals in five interlinked fire alarm control panels.

And in a status report of Tüv Rheinland on April 8, the terminal was still far from being able to take off in the central fire protection system. However, in the cable trades around power lines, which according to the applicable standards even in case of fire have to work 90 minutes, there were still more than 9000 serious defects in March.

Thousands of defects would have to be dealt with later

Currently, only 319 essential deficiencies are to be left over, which must be eliminated, so that in July the Tüv Rheinland can start the active and principle testing of all systems. This number was mentioned by a witness of the FBB-appointed project controller WSP, who testified on Friday at the BER Berlin inquiry committee, with reference to the parallel meeting of the supervisory board.

That's what it looks like at the airport BER
1 of 19Photo: AFP01.03.2018 07:59Terminal A. B. C. And D. Also nice: the advertisement at the top of the disc. For construction workers.

His message was the Lütke Daldrup: The opening date of 2020 was not in danger. This means, however, that thousands of other defects will be dealt with later – possibly even during the inspections by the TÜV and the building authorities, who would have to support this, or even as 2012 during the ORAT trial operation (Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer / Operational Commissioning and Airport Relocation). ,

Lütke Daldrup had told the BER owners Berlin, Brandenburg and the federal government on 4 April that he could no longer guarantee "the original security for this appointment without any restrictions".


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