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Student Climate Initiative: Fridays for Future, only real in original – Berlin


The organizers of the Fridays for Future school children's initiative are annoyed about products that others want to earn thanks to the initiative's image. "The only official product from Fridays for Future is our new festival wristband. Please stay away from all products on Amazon and elsewhere that are trying to make money with our name. Thanks! ", Says on the website of" Fridays for Future in Germany ".

The "first and only product of and for Fridays for Future" was, since March 2019, a white bracelet. "We've been debating for a long time whether we should have it produced and if we should sell merchandise as a movement that opposes mass consumption and environmental protection. Nevertheless, we decided to produce this band, "says Fridays for Future.

The bracelet is made as climate-neutral as possible. It consists of organic cotton and was printed in Germany by the one-man company Wristler Original by screen printing and with organic colors. Even the closure is biodegradable. The ribbon – "which by the way is much more environmentally friendly than, for example, the production of a Fridays-for-Future T-shirt" – therefore costs relatively much at four euros. The manufacturer makes it but no profit.

On the internet, many seemingly official Fridays for Future products have been advertised, such as T-shirts, buttons, "anything you can imagine. And the interest exists, the products are bought ". The income, however, would not benefit Fridays for Future. In the case of the bracelet, however, "fifty cents of the sales price went directly to the Fridays for Future Movement as a donation."

Who wants to order, should also think of the environment: "Do you really need the ribbon ten times?" Collective orders make sense. For direct donations, Fridays for Future asks in favor of the partly demanded fines for missed lessons.

In many cases, young people are looking for strike sites that are not on the website, they can be experienced in the relevant local group or the responsible regulatory office, it is said. For the announcement infrastructure, organizers are networking via Telegram or WhatsApp news services. There is also a newsletter, he informed about in preparation for the next major strike in the run-up to the EU elections, on Friday, May 24.

Info about the charity band: Next student strike demonstration in Berlin: Tomorrow Friday, 12 o'clock, in Invalidenpark. All dates: In Cologne, an event is planned for the weekend in which initiators unwilling to spend subsidies and wasted taxpayers billions of dollars to symbolically benefit Fridays for Future in favor of the climate change.


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