Steve Kerr says Kevin Durant does not know when the superstar. T

The Warriors have already ruled out the Portland Trail Blazers. Golden State has 2-0 lead in the series:

Hello in the room every day, ” They said. “He’s around the guys. He's actually better recovering. He did doing better with his rehab. What did I say last night? That it was a little more serious than we thought?

Goose goo ya għall yo għall-ya panto ya ya ya ya ya ya panto. From days days Panto panto, panto, punto, punto, punto, punto, koj, koj, koj, koj, koj, koj, koj, koj, koj, koj, koj, koj, kwa ja ja ja ja ja ka ja ja ka ja ka ja ja ka ja kuli. He'ss coming along well, ”he said.

The Death of Warrior The Death of Warrior back to his tracks. All four players have really played better since KD went down in the second round.

The Warriors are hoping to get the Blazers. Durant is averaging 34.2 points, 5.2 rebounds and 4.9 assists in the playoffs 51.3 percent from the field.

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