NBA Stephen Curry's heroes talk about the birds of prey...

Stephen Curry's heroes talk about the birds of prey that reach the NBA finals


With the 2019 NBA Championships a few days away, it was time for the average availability of media for both teams on Tuesday. While Serge Ibaka of Toronto Animals stole the show to discuss the discussion of litter and / or “fight” with Kevin Durant from The Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry of the Warriors also gave some interesting comments.

Josh Lewenberg from TSN Sports mentioned the curry talking about the atmosphere in Toronto after the Western Congress Championships.

As you can see, Curry is happy about the birds of prey getting their first chance at a championship, but of course, the fourth ring would be better won as a member of the Golden State. In the above quotation, however, Curry slides in a subtle dig, calling the Raps to be happy to be in the final – and not to be focused on winning it.

However, the rap might only be reading too much into it, as Kawhi Leonard, Playoffs' now renowned Toronto performer, made the most difficult team that brought the Warriors face on all postseason.

Curry also showcased his “student of the game” and showed his NBA growth by mentioning names on the late 1990s. Father, cause sharpshooter Dell Curry.

Whatever it is, it will be an entertaining series, with Curry and Leonard being put out – especially with Kevin Durant from Game 1 of the series.

Luka Doncic, Mavs


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