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After losing the final game in Stuttgart, the SSC Palmberg Schwerin volleyball players are back in their hometown. Several hundred fans celebrated the SSC while driving on the double-decker bus through Schwerin's city center. They also made a stopover with Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig (SPD). "We are proud of our SSC power women," said the Prime Minister.

Schwerin SC drives past the Schwerin Castle in a red bus.

Schwerin: Volleyball players celebrate

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After the brief and dramatic defeat of the championship title, the SSC Palmberg Schwerin players are back in their hometown and celebrate extensively.

"Gold Medal again next year"

Afterwards, the volleyball players in front of the town hall once again presented the trophies won this season. In addition to the silver medal, the Supercup and the DVV Cup have already been won this season. And the goal for the next season is already clear: "We will give everything to return again next year with a gold medal and the championship shell," announced SSC coach Felix Koslowski.

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Defending champion SSC Palmberg Schwerin has lost the final series for the German volleyball championship. In the crucial game, the women lost to MTV Stuttgart 2: 3.

Only little things were missing to victory in Stuttgart

On Saturday, the Schwerin lost in the fifth final game to the new champions MTV Stuttgart with 2 to 3. After a high-class finals series was the grief of the players great. In the end, the SSC lacked only minor things to win the third title of the season. Dejected and disappointed, the team got on the bus in the evening and set off on their return journey to be ready for the festivities in Schwerin on Sunday. For the upcoming season coach Felix Koslowski has already spent the new goal: winning the championship.

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The volleyball players of the SSC Palmberg Schwerin are German runners-up. In the crucial fifth final match they were defeated the new title holder MTV Stuttgart with 2: 3.
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09.05.2019 20:00 o'clock

The Schwerin volleyball players can still dream of a title hat-trick after a 3-0 victory against Stuttgart. The fifth and all-important duel is on Saturday at the Swabians.

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The Schwerin volleyball players suffered a 2: 3 defeat in the third match of the championship final series against Stuttgart. Now two wins are needed to defend the title.

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The Schwerin volleyball players are back in the championship race. In the second game of the final series celebrated the team of coach Felix Koslowski a 3-1 victory over Stuttgart.

27.04.2019 16:10 clock

The Schwerin volleyball players have lost the first final match for the German championship. The defending champion defeated with 1: 3 sets at MTV Stuttgart.

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