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Attention, punch line! The last matchday may bring some surprise for the football clubs in the region. Others have, well: more outsiders chances for a happy ending.

By Stefan Galler and Andreas Liebmann

In the literal sense, one can not stress it often enough, relegation does not bode well. "Remove", "ban" are the common translations of the Latin verb relegare. So throw it out. Edgewise. Who goes into a relegation, so should be removed – or remove others. What is even more bearable, than directly descend immediately (For lovers: "descendere"). This Saturday decides in the higher amateur football leagues, who finally flies out and who may have to do that, which was a common method in Latin lessons: detention.

Now for the real thing

In the third division, Unterhaching (on the left Marc Endres) and the Munich lion (Sascha Mölders) are all about prestige.

(Photo: Bernd Feil / imago)

League whereabouts. God, yes … – sweet! Not unimportant. But now it's about the actual season goal. On Saturday will be in the third league Decide who is number two in and around Munich: the TSV 1860, currently eleventh with 47 points, or the SpVgg Unterhaching, two ranks and two counters behind. Although neither club has ever officially formulated this goal, they will probably be able to put something plausible in their mouths. For example, "the main thing is that we're going to land …" It's clear that if there's nothing going on in the ascent, you want to have at least one consolation at the end of the season, and what should that be besides the status of number two, in a sense the record champion in town, This rank will not be achieved often, because somewhere behind the two of the SV Türkgücü attaches to the overtaking maneuver and soon wants to pass with squealing tires and a contrail. So speed up the throttle. Haching, on the sidelines, was so far ahead in autumn that the lions needed binoculars. Now joins the match association just at Master Osnabrück. Sixty is at the 16th Jena guest. At Carl Zeiss. If they win, they could bring binoculars to the Hachingern.

Everyone depends on the other

At least they have in the third league after the match on Saturday clarity, where the footballing trip leads. As it stands, even with Fritz Walters notoriously clammy heirs. The 1. FC Kaiserslautern still has to fear for the license for the next year, but has now given a rich uncle from Luxembourg the trust that wants to pump 25 million in the club from Betzenberg. In the Regionalliga Bayern on the other hand, after the final round, the great helplessness could continue for a few weeks. This in turn is due to the fact that no one yet knows whether FC Ingolstadt will remain in the second division. If the Schanzer descend, which is probably only after the relegation return match against the third party of the third league on 28 May is determined, the reserve would have to say goodbye to the Regionalliga, because between first and second team according to federation regulations must be a league distance. And that in turn could significantly relieve one or two of the three relegation candidates from the region. But who wants to make it on such imponderables already arrive? So, ideally, pull the cart out of the dirt! the VfR Garching If Buchbach were to qualify for a draw – and that would be a truly conciliatory end – outgoing coach Anton Bobenstetter (Buchbach) and Daniel Weber (Garching) would share the points. It should just look like it had not been discussed before. For the two other region teams in the basement, FC Pipinsried and SV Heimstetten, it's all about avoiding the direct descent and to save yourself in the relegation. That's not possible on their own – at the same time 1860 Rosenheim and / or SpVgg Greuther Fürth II have to lose. The latter plays – Attention Pointe! – against FC Ingolstadt II

Adventurous season finale

Farewell, it says SV Pullach: The successful duo Frank Schmöller / Theo Liedl retires after the final for third place against Jahn Regensburg II (at least for now) back to the private. Your seasonal goal – non-climb – they have achieved exemplary. Elsewhere, more is at stake, such as the FC Ismaningwhose kicker managed to get the metamorphosis from fool to hero and back in just three weeks. On April 27, Mijo Stijepic's team looked like they would definitely be in the series after three straight wins Bayern league south stay. Now Schwabmünchen have to win a victory plus a helping hand from Sonthofen's opponent Vilzing, otherwise it's time for the FCI, which has been highly priced before the season: Detention! This fate is the FC Unterfoehring certainly already. What threatens what else likes to do with food between the kitchen and the dining room: they are passed through. As the "Adventure Regionalliga" had the then President Franz Faber called the rise 2017 – two years later, the club has to reorganize. Not only the boss Faber is gone, but also the coach Faber, Franz 'brother Peter. Due to the downward trend of recent years, the Föhringer in the relegation are probably outsiders. Especially against a team that comes with a tailwind from below.

A viking in the remote duel

In the national league southeast there are two candidates, to which exactly applies: The FC Deisenhofen and the VfB Hallbergmoos Deliver a heartbeat final for second place. The FCD is three points ahead of the last matchday, but the team from Icelandic coach Hannes Sigurdsson has lost the direct comparison to the club from the district of Freising (4: 3/0: 2), which is why Hannes and the strong men are still a tad need in the final stint at ASV Dachau. The 0-2 in Hallbergmoos incidentally was the only defeat for Deisenhofen in the past 14 games. But VfB can keep up: Of the last twelve games since the new coach Gediminas Sugzda took office, only those against Töging were lost, the rest were victories. The task on the last matchday seems to be the easier from the paper form: Hallbergmoos must to FC Moosinningwho is already established as a participant in the relegation relegation. And that's because the team of coach Helmut Lucksch has lost all direct comparisons against the cellar competitors Pfarrkirchen, Traunstein and SB Rosenheim. Also not nice is the fate of the table last TSV Neuried: Just five points have collected the Würmtaler in the first 33 games of the season. Only four were scored because they lost a counter due to a wrongly used player. That's just how it is sometimes in life: if you have nothing, the few will be scrapped. For relegation missing the Neurieder 31 counters.

Train of the models

Groundbreaking duel: In the regional league on Saturday for FC Pipinsried (above, yellow) and SV Heimstetten (red) against relegation.

(Photo: Toni Heigl)

Nanu? The SC Oberweikertshofen may break out? The tail light of National League Southwest actually played on Friday evenings – while all other duels start simultaneously to prevent competitive distortion. Is probably because the SCO in the National League Southwest needed 18 points to save himself safely in the relegation; 27 to stay in class. Pretty much for a game day. Not even the federation has probably credited them with this catch-up, especially as the team has collected only 14 points in the 33 matches so far. Something must have gone wrong this year. Actually, only ex-lion Daniel Jais has made a good figure, but predominantly as an influencer and model – his club now calls this career the reason that Jais (like interim player Ömer Kanca) will leave the SCO. What now to Wolfratshausen BCF leads because his storming influencer model Marian Knecht lost a year ago after relegation from the Bavarian league – not to the fashion world, but to the FC Pipinsried. Funnily, the second club, the Oberweikertshofens Uli Bergmann manages – possibly also in the descent. In any case, without a servant, the club now even bothers about the state league whereabouts. At one point ahead of the relegation ranks, a win at SV Egg at the Günz was to make sure. Then coach Philipp Bönig could proudly say goodbye to Garching. A summer without relegation, the BCF had not for years.

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