Sport Today several arrests after a stormy evening

several arrests after a stormy evening


Furious in the game offered by OM, Marseille fans first tried to invade the field after the third and final goal of OL's 3-0 win at the Vélodrome, before continuing the clashes with the forces. order out of the stadium.

Tensions in the 87th minute

"Direction resignation", "Garcia resignation": it is under these slogans shouted by the public that some of the members of Fanatics, Dodgers and MTP (Marseille almighty) rushed down their platform, trying to 'break the barriers of separation with the lawn in the 87th minute of the meeting, before being stopped by dozens of stewards and members of the police.

After finally breaking through the barrier a few minutes after the final whistle, OM supporters were thrown to the top of the podium with tear gas grenades. "Better than 1000 fumis a rotten season", proclaimed a banner of the Fanatics, while just a few smoke began to fly on the lawn, since the two turns.

Huffing around the Velodrome

After long strains of tension in the stadium, in the two corners, where the OM supporters' clubs are, the skirmishes continued around the Velodrome. More than an hour after the end of the match, dozens of supporters continued their face-to-face with police on the forecourt Jean-Bouin, facing the Boulevard Michelet. Jets of smoke, glass bottles, pebbles and various projectiles on the side of the supporters, at the bottom of the steps, response with tear gas canisters on the police side, positioned at the top of the grand staircase to the stadium.

Some supporters tried to force the glass doors giving access to the lounges and locker rooms of the club, many supporters of the presidential stand were for a moment confined to the stadium, before being able to go out. At least seven people were arrested by the police. "You do not have the shoulders or the balls to wear our jersey, break up": even before the kickoff of this "Olympico" closing of the 36th day of Ligue 1, the message of the Fanatics towards their players was clear Sunday night. This banner summed up well the anger of OM fans, for whom all hopes of qualifying in the Champions League and even in the Europa League have now vanished, two days from the end and seven points from AS Saint-Etienne , 4th in the standings.

The bus crashed before the match

Tension was high in the stands of the Vélodrome and around the stadium, even before the match, as demonstrated by the stoning of the Lyon players' bus, whose outer part of the vehicle's front right double-glazing was largely broken by several projectiles. As for the famous "Champions project", this ticket for the Champions League announced for 2019 in the wake of the arrival of the American owner Frank McCourt at the head of the club in 2015, he was widely mocked by the turn south, requalified in "Project herbal tea", "Project sinking", "Bankruptcy project", "Liege project" or "Fiasco project", among others.

Above the authors of these messages, the group of supporters of Commando Ultra 84, the South Winners took advantage of this evening to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of their birth, in 1987, with a gigantic tifo and a slogan: "Our story is our strength, your hate is our pride. " It is also under a thick orange smoke, the same color as the shirt of the Lyonnais Sunday evening, cleared by the ten smokers lit in this forum that the meeting had begun.


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