Scottie Pippen, the legend of the Chicago Treasure, does not think that the State Wizard of the State has done much to claim the title “the best defender of all time”.

After they win against the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 2 Games of the Western Championships, Green was asked who the best defender ever was. Without any hesitation, Green insisted that he believes it is on top of that category.

However, in the appearance of Jump The Jump, 'ESPN, Pippen made an argument why Green can't claim it is the best one. Pippen said that while Green is a great defender who does many things on the defensive end to the Dubs, he is considered a team defender.

The 53-year-old basketball icon now added that he has instilled in how Green is not often entrusted to protect the best player from the other team.

Pippen looked back at the recent NBA finals that took place between the Warriors and Clevalland Cavaliers. He said that Green was not given the job as LeBron James's main defender.

Scottie certainly makes a good point about the weight of Green's best claim to the defendant. It might be too early for Green to say that he's the best ever, although there is no doubt that he will go down as one of the most defendants who has ever been affected by the game.

Trae Young, Hawks


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