NFL Scott Fitterer interviewed a GM job in New York

Scott Fitterer interviewed a GM job in New York


As the New York Jets continue to want their next general manager to do, they have begun the process of scheduling interviews for potential candidates.

According to Albert Breer from (through Pro Football Talk), the Jets have been interviewed by Seattle Seahawks co-director, Scott Fitterer's player personnel.

Fitterer will be going to interviews with staff Thursday and Friday this week, and will be giving nearly 20 years of NFL experience to the interview.

Fitterer had been working with the Seahawks since 2001, and interviewed other teams in the past about general manager openings, but never left the Seahawks.

While the first is a Fitterer interview, it is probably not the only person Jets will look at to fill their general manager void. According to reports from earlier this week, the Jets hope to get in touch with more candidates, and they seem to be.

According to the report on Fitterer, the Jets also have a meeting with assistant director Bears personnel, Champ Kelly, and they are looking forward to speaking to Vice President of players Joe Douglas, who believes many of them will be as pioneer for the job.

The main caveat in the Jets that a general manager seeks is the amount of power the team is willing to return. In the course of their search, many reports are coming out that candidates would only accept the position of general manager if they had the last opinion on the players and other items on the team, and there is still no known whether the claim will be made to comply with that.

With the main coach Adam Gase taking on the role of general manager at present by making a number of movements, it will be crucial for Gase and the future general manager to see the eye.

While it is clear that he and Mike Maccagnan, the Jets could not make great progress to build a more stable culture around the staff if they are renting well, which makes the processes more important interviews.

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