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Pau Gasol will not play the China World Cup, from August 31 to September 15, after being operated a few days ago from a fracture in his left foot that also makes him miss the NBA Finals with the Bucks. This has been confirmed by the national coach, Sergio Scariolo, in a statement to the newspaper As. "His retirement is a blow because he is a historic player and, in terms of leadership, much more.It will be the first time in a great championship we do not have neither Navarro nor Gasol at the same time ".

Gasol, who will turn 39 in July, will miss what would have been his last World Cup appointment with the national team, although Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games still appear on the horizon. The injury to his left foot ends his most fateful year in the NBA, a season in which he went from the San Antonio Spurs, where he had lost prominence, to the Milwaukee Bucks, aspiring to what would be the third championship ring of the Spanish pivot. Gasol arrived at the Bucks on March 3 as a trick that brought experience and a relief from the bench, but a week after his incorporation began to feel discomfort in the left foot. A week ago he underwent surgery for a fracture due to navicular stress, with which he said goodbye to the course in the US league and now, according to Scariolo, also to the World Cup with the national team. "This week I've looked at Pau more as a coach than as a rival," Scariolo told the newspaper As (the coach is assistant to the Raptors, the Bucks' rivals in the Eastern Conference finals). "For us, Pau is very important, it's going to be a tremendous loss, I saw him in San Antonio a while ago and I saw him sick, tired of not being in the field, so I think his decision to shoot down the middle street The ones who love Pau support him and we know that he has made the best decision, I can only wish his recovery to be perfect, Pau not only wanted to be good, but to compete. trade (transfer) to be in Milwaukee, a team that could be in a finals. But Pau is a rational guy and his emotional line is correct. On a sentimental level, he was not having a good time, but he has many emotional and character resources. He does the right thing. "

Pau Gasol injury
Pau, after the operation.

The illusion of Pau for his arrival in Milwaukee has been transformed into disappointment by physical problems. Gasol already injured the fifth metatarsal of the left foot in the semifinal of the 2006 World Cup against Argentina, and did not play that final in which the team was proclaimed world champion. Now another injury leaves him out of China's appointment. With the selection, Gasol has won since 2001 three gold, two silver and three bronze medals in the Europeans; a gold in the World Cups, and two silvers and a bronze in the Olympic Games.

In the NBA, this has been his grayest course: 27 games with the Spurs and only three games and 30 minutes with the Bucks. His averages, 3.9 points and 4.6 rebounds in total, far from the 17 points and 9.2 rebounds of his career.

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