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"Scandalous decision": DEB team wins at World Cup despite Tor-Klau


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<p class=The hit counted: Frederik Tiffels meets just before the end of the second third to 2: 0 for the DEB selection.

(Photo: imago images / ActionPictures)

Germany's ice hockey national team successfully masters the second duty to start the World Cup despite a referee's wrong decision. The team of national coach Toni Söderholm also wins against Denmark thanks to a strong goalkeeping performance.

Successful World Cup prelude for the German national ice hockey team: The selection of national coach Toni Söderholm defeated Denmark on Sunday with just 2: 1 (0: 0, 2: 0, 0: 1), although she had been denied a regular goal at first , Goals by Matthias Plachta (31st minute) from the master Adler Mannheim and Frederik Tiffels (40th) from the Cologne sharks but made the deserved success against the foe in the Slovak Kosice perfect.

In the eighth World Cup match, it was only the third victory against Denmark, shortened by Mathias Bau (51) and left the Germans tremble at the end. Thus, the selection of the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB) started again for the first time in five years with two wins from two games in a World Cup. On Saturday, Germany had painstakingly won 3: 1 against newly promoted Great Britain and is well ahead of the upcoming challenges against France and hosts Slovakia on Tuesday and Wednesday (each at 8.15 pm) on their way to the quarter-finals.

Powerful start, "scandalous" decision

NHL goalkeeper Philipp Grubauer could also play against the French. The Stanley Cup winner of the previous year landed about two hours before the game against the Danes in Kosice and saw the questionable referee performance after the arduous journey from Denver in the team hotel on television. Germany began 22 hours after the tough start against Great Britain and again was the game-determining team.

In the majority, the DEB team was also led by Iserlohn's Lean Bergmann (7). However, Denmark coach Heinz Ehler surprisingly challenged the Austrian-Russian referee team to study video. An irregularity was not apparent. To the amazement of almost the entire Steel Arena in Kosice decided Manuel Nikolic and Yevgeny Romasko actually on no goal and justified this with a supposed goalkeeper obstruction. Yasin Ehliz had been far enough away from his Iserlohner clubmate Sebastian Dahm in the Danish goal at Bergmann shot.

Referees whistle curiously

"Scandalous," tweeted even DEB Vice President Marc Hindelang. In some other situations, the referees repeatedly made incomprehensible decisions on both sides. With rage in their guts, Germany managed to beat the overdue lead in the middle of the third half: Plachta struck the ball in passing from NHL top striker Draisaitl. Eleven seconds before the end of the second period, it was again an NHL striker in Chicago's Dominik Kahun who put on a soothing 2-0 lead by Draisaitl mate Tiffels.

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<p class=DEB goalie Mathias Niederberger impressed against the Danes – even in the absence of NHL star Philipp Grubauer.

(Photo: imago images / ActionPictures)

In the last third, the Danes powerfully increased the pressure and let the Germans in the final phase once again fear. In Grubauer now comes another player from the North American professional league. The Rosenheimer is next to Draisaitl, Kahun and Korbinian Holzer the fourth NHL professional in the German World Cup squad and will train on Monday afternoon for the first time with the team. Most recently, Grubauer played for Germany at the 2017 home WC.

Against the Danes, who have to do without a total of seven of their best players from the NHL and the Eastern European KHL at this World Cup, Grubauer's absence was not yet significant. Like on Saturday against the British held Mathias Niederberger of the Düsseldorfer EG in the German goal outstanding.

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