Sport Rumor of exclusion: Manchester City fears that "individuals wish...

Rumor of exclusion: Manchester City fears that "individuals wish to harm" the club


London – The Manchester City club on Tuesday expressed fear that "individuals wishing to harm" the club were behind the news in the press evoking an exclusion of the Citizens of the Champions League by European football authorities.

UEFA should recommend the exclusion of Manchester City from the Champions League because of violations of the rules of financial fair play by the club, reported Monday the New York Times on its website.

Manchester City is the subject of a new UEFA investigation for "several alleged violations"Financial Fair Play rules (FPF) since early March." In the process, the Premier League announced that it also investigated the finances of the current leader of the championship.

City said the club cooperated fully with "the current investigation"Financial policeman and recalled"UEFA's commitment of 7 March that the European body will not make any further comment on the matter as long as the investigation is ongoing".

"New York Times report quoting 'people familiar with the case' is extremely worrying", says ManCity, fearing that the process is"misrepresented by individuals anxious to damage the club's reputation and business interests".

UEFA's decision could be announced as early as this week, according to the US newspaper thatit is unclear whether this suspension, if decided, would take effect for the next season (2019-20, Ed) or 2020-21".

Manchester City would also have the right to appeal such a ban before the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The English club is with the Paris SG one of the clubs pointed out by the "Football Leaks"which revealed that Abu Dhabi would have contributed 2.7 billion euros to Manchester City in seven years including via overvalued sponsorship contracts.

Manchester City has already been fined 60 million euros in 2014 (including 20 million farm), for violating the rules of the FPF.

The club was also sentenced to only lining 21 players in C1 the following season, compared to 25 in normal times.


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