Ronaldo Nazario, the owner of Valladolid, the mythical Brazilian nine, has given an interview to the Financial Times. He receives them in the Txistu and reveals some private things.

For example, that you have had a vasectomy, but that before he froze enough sperm "as to make a whole football team."

The soccer player says, always in a jovial tone, that there are many activists who defend many things: blacks, gays, but he did not hear anyone to defend him when they called him fat. He says that after rejecting the desserts offered at the restaurant.

He tells how he spent the night before the final in Yokohama: "The party was at eight o'clock in the evening, like in Paris." After dinner everyone went to sleep and I just thought: "I do not want to sleep, fuck." I looked for people to talk to and I met Dida, the substitute goalkeeper from Brazil, I said, "No, you, please stay with me" … I did not sleep at all that day because of the fear that it would happen again … Dida He stayed with me all the time. "


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