Neymar has dealt with his misconduct off the field the next lock. After the defeat of his club Paris Saint-Germain in the French Cup, the Brazilian hit a fan in the face after he had verbal provoked him.

The ban lasts three games and is valid from May 13th. Two more encounters were suspended. The 27-year-old striker is still eligible to play in PSG's pointless SCO Angers game on Saturday.

Neymar had already apologized to the trailer for his outrage. On Instagram, he wrote: "Did I do wrong? Definitely, but each of us has blood flowing through our veins."

However, Neymar uses the social network not just to send messages of peace. After breaking out in the Champions League knockout round against Manchester United he had offended the referee team via Instagram. The European Football Union (Uefa) had him banned for three games in the competition.


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