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The KFC Uerdingen has provided in recent weeks throughout Germany for conversation. Even Leipzig coach Ralf Rangnick felt called to judge the Krefeld club – from a distance and with questionable half-knowledge, so that his true motivation to speak out, can be speculated excellently.

Mikhail Ponomarev, the president of KFC Uerdingen, surprised by hosting a public fan meeting and asking questions. Over 400 supporters of the club came. They were confronted with a multitude of different topics and made an impressive statement: they pointedly stood behind the president and investor and celebrated it. An overview of the main topics of the evening. Ponomarev over. , ,

, , , the Grotenburg The renovation of the stadium will play a key role in the coming weeks. Ponomarev wants the city to set up the ailing venue in such a way that third-league football can be played there in the 2020/21 season. The president is now ready to finance a second season in a foreign stadium – after the KFC had to play its home games this season in Duisburg, he wants to deny them in the next season in Dusseldorf – finance. If the city council does not agree to the refurbishment, Krefeld football ground has no future nationwide.

, , , the junior performance center Such a NLZ is not only required by the statutes of the German Football Association (DFB), but is also the prerequisite to further develop the club. Youth leader Patrick Schneider performs excellent work, almost all junior teams are about to rise. However, given the conditions prevailing in Krefeld, it would be almost impossible to get good players to the Silk City. "It's not about my children," Ponomarev said. "It's about the children of Krefeld.

, , , the coaching change The separation of Stefan Krämer was in his opinion necessary. Although the dot yield was correct, but not the performance. Many points have been won fortunately, even against unterklassige opponents, the team in the trophy had a hard time, it had a game philosophy missing. The obligation of Norbert Meier was under enormous time pressure, because co-coach Stefan Reisinger did not have the required football teacher license. The DFB allows an association only two weeks to work without a football teacher. That was different in the search of Meier's successor, because the now-in-charge assistant coach Frank Heinemann has the required license.

, , , Heiko Vogel There had been intensive discussions with the coach before his commitment, which went into great detail. Even the team bus was an issue. Bird made it a condition that the team will be driven with another bus next season. It is not just about more comfort for the players, but also about a better presentation of the KFC.

, , , legal disputes There are two reasons for the multitude of processes: some of them still result from the past, others are up-to-date. It is then about detail issues. This was illustrated by an example: in the case of a severance pay, the employee must pay payroll tax in accordance with German law; and the KFC only pays the compensation if the other side has agreed in writing. That was not the case, which is why it came to the process, for example. Often, however, it comes to friendly separations, sometimes just not; that is not uncommon in the economy.

, , , the media All this has been exploited by some media in the past week – sometimes far from the truth – with relish. It was a campaign against the KFC and his person. He was surprised that Krefelder had also participated instead of supporting the club. He also missed the solidarity in the city.

, , , the Twitter activities The fact that he set up a Twitter account and commented on it was a mistake. "It was an attempt to respond to all the hostilities that were directed against the KFC but were to hit me. That was not the right way, the wrong platform. " , , Chistopher Schorch In winter it came to the separation from the defensive player. That was certainly not nice. but Schorch had approached him in the face of the campaign and asked if he could somehow help or support.

, , , Kevin Grosskreutz He came to us in a difficult situation. The numbers that circulated about his salary would not even approximate. There would be called pure fantasy sums. The player is wholeheartedly exposed in Uerdingen and everywhere hostility. He did not deserve that.

, , , Johannes Dörfler The player will leave the club at the end of the season. He does not have the stamina and determination to establish himself at the KFC. He does not know where he is going. Dörfler is associated with SC Paderborn.

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