Photographs of Barbara Windsor, Blitz's first raid and 1985's extermination demonstrations are among the images currently shown at an exhibition that celebrates London diversity.

Among the highlights of Galerie Prints Maybe it's because I am a Londoner, shot from a 1940 interracial couple eating ice cream, the police are holding back excited youth when the Beatles receive their MBEs and London's first two-wheeled car . All are for sale together with 62 others.

Galerie Print's founder, Stuart Möller, said the exhibition is "incredibly" close to his heart. Sir. Möller was born to an East German father, Anglo-Indian mother, and grew up in London.

"London is more than just a place, it's a living breathing symbol for who we are as a nation – meaning, passion, courage, humor and integration are just some of the qualities documented in these images," he told the standard.

Prints start from £ 250, with the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II captured in 1953 being said to be the most expensive piece selling at £ 1,500.

Maybe it's because I'm a London show running until June 16, Galerie Prints, SW19 8AQ,

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