About two weeks after he said the Boston Celtics would meet the Milwaukee bottles in the semi-finals in the Eastern Congress, the former NBA player Paul Pierce seems to have changed the heart of the team he is to support. in these games. Of course, he cannot be the root of his former team, the Celtics anymore, because the Bucks put them in a row in the second round of the playoffs. Instead, The Truth is now supporting Milwaukee to beat the Toronto animals in the semi-finals of the Eastern Conference.

The Game Bucks 1 of the series already won and 70-49 are leading them early in the third quarter of Game 2. Milwaukee is the best record in the league advantage and home courts around the playoffs, and with the multiannual candidate MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, it is difficult not to be rooted to them, especially since they are against a team of birds that were inconsistent across the job season.

But hey, maybe Pierce is hoping that the Americans will eventually lose them when they say the Bucks got this series. After all, Milwaukee is the team that brought his Celtics out in the playoffs.

However, the Bucks have done a lot of work in these plays, and they seem to be on their way to building a 2-0 dominant command.

If this happens, there will be two wins away from the NBA Finals, which have not been done by the franchise since 1971.

The year they also won the championship.

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