News On 19 different routes to the center of Berlin:...

On 19 different routes to the center of Berlin: cyclists demand more space for cycling – Berlin


At the premiere in 1977, about 8,000 people cycled – which exceeded the expectations of all involved. The surprise demo has meanwhile become the biggest demo that runs through Berlin every year. With great fun factor for the participants and just as much frustration potential for those who want or need to drive through the city on the first Sunday in June. When cycling is on the road, there is not much going on except cycling, is the experience of many years.

Since there is nothing left to do without hashtag traffic policy, the motto of this year's rally is: # MehrPlatzFürsRad. On 19 routes is cycled from the surrounding area into the city (see graph). The longest tour starts already on the eve in Szczecin. All routes – with the exception of the children's route from Jannowitzbrücke – lead a little over the motorway, which is also closed for several hours.

19 different routes lead to the center of Berlin.Photo: ADFC, Tsp / Schmidt, Böttcher

Delays are expected in the City-West

To the hours of waiting, before the police opens the motorway access, There had been a lot of trouble for years – both with the participants who had to wait with their wheels in the impenetrable crowd sometimes in the hot sun and sometimes in the thunderstorm, as well as between the ADFC as the applicant of the demo and the police. This year, an attempt to alleviate this conflict starts by allowing the police to access the A 100 in Neukölln both on the ascent and the descent (with subsequent turning maneuver) to alleviate the problem of the needle eye. The highway does not have to be closed earlier than usual.

That was the bicycle star ride in 2018
1 out of 5Photo: Jörg Carstensen / dpa03.06.2018 20:55Free ride on the Victory Column – that's what many Berlin cyclists dream of.

While the demonstration trains on the outskirts pass through the main traffic axes within a reasonable time, in the city west between Sachsendamm, Urania and Grosser Stern from Sunday noon it must be expected for several hours that neither cars nor BVG buses will get through.

The goal of the various demo routes: the environmental festival

The common goal of – depending on the weather and counting – tens of thousands of participants is the environmental festival on the west side of the Brandenburg Gate. Sun and heat are announced, which speaks for a rather high number of participants – and to think of sunscreen and adequate drinks supplies.

The green league's big environmental program lasts from 11am to 7pm. At the same time, it marks the starting signal for the "city cycling" campaign, for which several hundred teams have already registered. Also numerous parliamentarians join. The common goal is to collect as many bike kilometers as possible by June 22, which can then be celebrated as saved CO2 when converted into car trips.

The action is aimed at companies and school classes as well as private individuals. According to traffic management, there are already more registrations than last year. There is also a motto, it reads: #Berlinerfahren. Nothing works without a hashtag.


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