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"No one called me, but I did not refuse." Panarin cunning and exposes the Russian team


The Russian national team at the World Championship gathered super-composition, but questions about the players still remained. After the departure of “Columbus” from the Stanley Cup, only Vladislav Gavrikov joined the “Red Car”. Artemy Panarin and Sergey Bobrovsky went on vacation in Miami. Initially, no one imagined that both players who are entering the free agent market on July 1 and are going to conclude new big contracts with NHL clubs will go to the world championship. Too great a risk of injury and breaking his career. Sick they will not need anyone. But still, Ilya Vorobiev was asked two days ago why the team did not have Artemy.

– We talked with Panarin. He is a great hockey player, did a lot for the team. He is without a contract. At the moment, we have an application for the attackers closed, but the doors to the national team are open for him, – said the head coach of the Russian national team.

It seemed that the topic was closed and no one else would return to it. But on the evening of May 13, Artemy live in his instagram stated the following:

– Of course, I wanted to play for the national team. By the way, many people wrote to me that I was almost a traitor, that I did not go to play. So I’ll dispel a little doubt: no one just called me, but I didn’t refuse.

Then, when the famous hockey fan and presenter Stas Yarushin connected to the air, there was such a dialogue:

Yarushin: – I will be at the World Championships from 23 to 26.
Panarin: – You took, but I do not! (Smiles)

Now everything looks like that the Russian national team abandoned the creative forward. Smells like a scandal?

– As for the statement of Artemy Panarin that he did not receive a call to the national team, I said everything two days ago. Nothing has changed for us – Said Sparrow today with irritation in his voice.

Panarin's message is not entirely clear. He said that he did not receive a call to the national team, but he did not say that he would accept this challenge. Artemy acted very cunningly: he presented himself as a victim. There is no challenge, there is no world championship, which means a patriot and not a traitor. But nothing would make him go to Bratislava without a contract. In the summer of 27-year-old hockey player will be the most tasty morsel in the transfer market and will require a salary of $ 10 million per year and a lengthy agreement. It is no coincidence that a few months ago, he changed the agent (Paul Theofanos became), who would choose the most advantageous offer for him. At the World Championships, Panarin could easily have been injured, and then he would have received no 10-12 million from anyone. Artemiy could go to the national team only if Oleg Znarka was in the team, and then the test would probably not risk the future husband of the daughter.

The leadership of the Russian national team for once did a noble act and did not cause a player without a contract, did not publicly write about his refusal (in order to exclude charges of treason). There was a dialogue with Panarin, and the parties came to a compromise. So it seemed, until Artemy made a live broadcast. The desire to be white and fluffy is understandable, but the player has put the Hockey Federation of Russia in an awkward position. It is ugly, if not to say dishonorable. On the beach in Miami, of course, it is easy to rush loud phrases. But it is better to think about the consequences and the damage that your words can cause.

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