New Utah GM Justin Zanik says that the goal of the team is to be a final team position;

New Utah GM Justin Zanik says that the goal of the team is to be a final team position;

His manager has only one goal with Justin Zanik, Utah Jazz General Manager: to win the NBA championship. Just like any other team in the association, Jazz aims to be the only team in June, raising the Larry OBB trophy.

“Each season requires reflection on the previous seasons, where we are within the landscape of the NBA, and in what ways and where we can continue to do them. Our only goal here is to continue to move forward, and the most competitive competition (staff out there), and continue on this path, ”said Zanik against Eric Walden from The Salt. Lake Tribune. “We have critical decisions that will come up; we will do them as a group. The stimulus comes from competition, right? Within the NBA. We want to compete. We want to be the final team at the end of the day. ”

The Jazz announced last Friday that they put Zanik from a general assistant manager to full-time GM promotion. With his power in Utah's front office, he looks to a hell loop to bring the team to the top.

Utah has established itself as multi-annual drama competitors in recent years. They have built a strong heart around Donovan Mitchell, the sophomore star and defense anchor Rudy Gobert.

But as well as they are defensive, Jazz problems are the abusive end. They had the second best defense grade in the league behind the Milwaukee Bucks, but they are just in the middle of the package in terms of offenses (15th in ORTG).

There is no secondary creator behind the Jazz behind Donovan Mitchell, and they were struggling with their first round series loss against Houston Rocket. Clearly the insulting composition of this roster should be a priority number for Zanik.

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