President Toronto was beaten by Buck Milwaukee Bucks in game 2 of the Eastern Congress Championship, and center Marc Gasol is trying to lose blame.

The Nazis showed little fighting when they surrendered a 2-0 series from which the Bucks arrived. And against the Josh Lewenberg from The Sports Network, Gasol expresses their poor performance on their big play.

“I've played very badly and I knocked out the tone,” Gasol said. “We started in a very bad situation and couldn't get hold of the game soon, and I fully accept that.” T

There are a number of reasons that Toronto can take into account so far. It is safe to say that Gasol's performance is among them.

The animals had traded the old man with the hope that they would get their initial court for the job season. Unfortunately, it has not always provided them with much needed when they need them.

A gasoline has just been shot on 3-of-20 from the park through the first two games of the series. In addition, Milwaukee slightly denied its defense potential by extending the floor to the Brook Lopez center.

The All-Star must certainly have three times to take part in an offense if the Champions have the opportunity to do things in game 3.

Kawhi Leonard, Poultry


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