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Magic Johnson regrets that he does not employ his own people at the start of LA tenure

Magic Johnson's briefing as President of Los Angeles Lakers Basketball Operations was very controversial, and if he regrets his tenure, he is not recruiting his own people.

In a look at SportsCenter Tuesday, Johnson opened up under the recent ESPN report claiming he was abusive to Lakers employees. During the segment, then the NBA Hall of Famer divided what would make it different in its two years in the Purple and Gold front office.

“I'd like to hire my own people from the start,” said Magic, who retired from the Lakers before his regular season final game.

“The only thing I didn't do was employ all the people who wanted to. Rob (Pelinka) & I got together. I got Luke Walton so, so my own people did not employ. ”

It is worth noting that Lakers' front office had problems with Luke Walton's coaching team, mainly because the former coach did not employ a former principal coach as his best assistant.

In addition, and his recent appearance on ESPN's First Take, Johnson pointed out that he was very concerned about the potential of the Walton organization as a coach head halfway through the season. Although Draíocht was trying to fire Luke, he was unable to work out the brass crop.

Johnson's frustration about personnel decisions is clear, and his latest opinion is another proof. The Lakers must move on without Draíocht, and they could only expect to have the right people now.

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