The vandalism of some fans of football teams are repudiated by all and are outside of what sports really are. Yesterday, six Liverpool supporters, that is night is facing in the semifinals of the Champions League to Barcelona, They were arrested and brought to justice for causing public disorder. The detainees will remain in a police station of the Mossos d'Esquadra until tomorrow.

Because social networks are circulating two videos in which one sees the hooligans of the English club shooting a fountain, in the Plaça Reial of Barcelona, ​​a street vendor and a tourist. These people had concentrated on the place and have begun to sing and drink copious amounts of alcohol. In one of the videos it is seen as a subject approaches the rear of a street vendor and pushes it, which causes it to fall into the water. In the other video, it is observed as the same person, in the distance, from the location where the video was recorded, He shoots a tourist who was at the edge of the fountain, recording with his mobile phone. The most unfortunate part is the laughter of those who were in the place and that provokes the recrimination of the affected tourist. Also, worst of all, is that in the final seconds of the video you can see to the same subject that had pushed these two people, hit the tourist in the head, giving him a campion.


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