Sport Les Bleues win their ultimate test before the World...

Les Bleues win their ultimate test before the World Cup


Les Bleues assured the essential Friday by winning against China (2-1) their last pre-game in Créteil, a week before the start of the World Cup, a dress rehearsal tainted by a new package, that of l usual captain.

The absence of Amandine Henry, who was not on the scoresheet, is weighed down, at seven days of the opening match against South Korea at the Parc des Princes, an infirmary where already include the star striker Bleues, Eugénie Le Sommer, and Lyon star Amel Majri, injured.

Deprived of three of its executives, the French women's team does not finish in the greatest serenity its preparation phase against a team from China who had been chosen for its close profile, in the game as in the template, the first French opponent of this World Cup at home (7 June – 7 July).

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A taste of unfinished

In fact, one week after their 3-0 win against Thailand, Corinne Deacon's girls were frightened by the chilly Chinese women, showing themselves quite dangerous in the game and conceding equalizer mid-game.

Paradoxically, it is perhaps the opening of the score of the striker Valérie Gauvin (30th, 1-0), which ended up a little happily in the surface on the trajectory of a crashed shot by Marion Torrent, who best represents this victory which leaves a taste of unfinished.

For the rest, the Blue have created few opportunities: in the first period, a header from Valerie Gauvin at the reception of a center in the 11th minute, and a few déboulés Kadidiatou Diani on his left wing, the French the most visible Friday.


After the Chinese equalizer in the 52nd minute (1-1) by Wang Shanshan, on a well-felt pass from the N.10 of Paris SG Wang Shuang, it is also Diani who came to deliver the few thousand supporters came to support the Bleues at the Dominique Duvauchelle stadium of Créteil, in the suburbs of Paris.

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The French, also a player of PSG, fired a powerful and unstoppable shot at the entrance to the surface after a splendid ride in the middle individual (58th, 2-1).

Before diving into the final straight before the entry in the competition in the World Cup, the French team could still have a taste of the warm atmosphere that should accompany him during the competition, with a stage all acquired to his cause, with ovations and shouts on every occasion.

Faced with the Chinese, who will evolve in Group B during the World Cup in the company including Germany, the absences of several incumbents will have also allowed to run and offer playing time to substitutes like Viviane Asseyi or Emelyne Laurent .

The two Lyonnaises package, Le Sommer and Majri, must resume training Monday. While for Captain Amandine Henry, who felt a pain on Friday, the countdown has already begun.


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