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"League without the international" .. Ahli agrees .. Smouha supports .. and


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Monday 27 May 2019


The Egyptian Football Federation [FFA] proposed Monday the completion of the Premier League competition without international players in order to end the competition before the start of the African Nations Cup.

Al-Ahli refuses to continue the league championship until after the African Cup of Nations and solidarity with the clubs: Smouha and Petrojet and border guards and the Union while Zamalek refuses to finish their matches before the Nations Cup.

Official statement .. The ball association is considering the proposal to complete the league without the international

A statement by the Football Federation said that all parties would be reached to reach an agreement that would preserve the interests of all clubs and the league competition.

A club source told Lamassraoui that his club had notified the Football Association that the club could play its remaining league matches without the international ones, provided that the competition ended before the Nations Cup.

Source: Ahli, the most dangerous football federation the possibility of completing the league without international

The source stressed the Board's adherence to the previous statement not to complete the championship league if postponed to the post-African Nations Cup, and end it before the tournament.

An official source with Ismaili told Nasraoui that his club had no qualms about playing Zamalek without the internationals.

"We have a desire to end the season before the African Cup of Nations and we hope that this will happen and that we will face the recent confrontation against Zamalek."

For his part, Mohammed Faraj Amer, president of the club Smouha on his personal account on the social networking site "Facebook" that he supports the completion of the league without the international note that Smouha includes Mohammed Abu Jabal and Ahmed Fattouh.

Tariq al-Ashri, head coach of the border guard team, told Massawi that it was difficult to complete the tournament without international players.

Zamalek issues an official statement on .. the league table and postpone the game Contractors and Ahli

Al-Ashri pointed out that it is difficult for Ahli, Zamalek, Ismaili and Pyramids to agree to the continuation of the competition without international players, especially Ahli and Zamalek.

The two sides are competing for the league title, it is difficult to play any game without the international, especially as they are essential elements.

He said he hoped the league would end before the start of the African Cup of Nations, stressing that the continuation of the competition for the post-tournament will lose the competition is strong now.

He concluded his remarks saying that he will have difficulty to play his matches after the Nations of Africa, which will last for at least a month because of the preparatory program of the team and the new contracts that will be concluded.

The Al Ittihad Club of Alexandria maintained its previous position by holding the Smouha match before the start of the African Cup of Nations.

"I do not see any justification for postponing the Confederation Cup and the final round of the league competition on June 3," club president Mohamed Muslihi said.

For his part, said Ahmed Mujahid member of the Council of the Football Federation and confirmed that the final decision on the termination of the league before the Cup of Nations, or completion after, will be issued on Tuesday.

Mujahid: final decision on the league Tuesday .. There is no national person complains of his country to FIFA


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