Sport L1: Ben Arfa blurs the Létang-Stéphan relationship in Rennes

L1: Ben Arfa blurs the Létang-Stéphan relationship in Rennes


Rennes – "A little more support would have been appreciated". Hatem Ben Arfa's critics against the Rennes game have left cracks in the relationship between President Olivier Létang and coach Julien Stéphan. Worrying before the summer?

The beautiful unity after the European epic and victory in the Coupe de France will it have been a sham? The Rennes tropism, so favorable to crises of all kinds, has it still struck?

It's not so much the cookie-cutter judgments of a player who has never been known for his low profile who is grieving the technician.

"What we are offered, level game, it is limited anyway", had notably estimated HBA."He is free to think what he wants even if I notice that several times in recent weeks he has said quite the opposite", swept Stephan, equating this with a form of ingratitude of a player he has relaunched.

"We must not forget that during the first part of the season he did not play or very little and when I took over the team, I built the team around him and (…) his comrades, and we did a lot of things for him"he continued.

"That's it, it ends like that this end of the season, it's quite surprising, but it's like that", he concluded on this subject, disillusioned.

– "I'm wondering…"-

If it is not certain that we see Ben Arfa in red and black this season and even less the next, which really does not pass for Stephan, is that the President Olivier Létang did not climb the niche for defend "institution"which is so dear to him.

"It appeals to me and I wonder"admitted the coach.

The special relationship between the rigorous leader and the whimsical attacking midfielder, woven in Paris SG, is no secret.

The public questioning of a coach's choices, especially when he brought the club to its first European epic and to raise its first trophy for 48 years, should be an absolute red line.

The impression of a special regime for the player does not date from this episode, he who had been deprived of one match after drying a green before a shock in the race against Marseille against Europe. All because he was "tired"…

"For the coach, the notion of support is fundamental", reminded Stephan who probably did not taste either the lack of eagerness of the club to extend his contract that only runs a year.

– "No approach, no club"-

Arrived preceded by a very flattering reputation, but despite all novice on a bench of Ligue 1, Stéphan intends to see its re-evaluated status, especially its influence on the sports policy of the professional workforce.

"To carry out a project, one must be sure to be able to wear it effectively so it will be necessary to discuss"he said.

From there to consider a departure? Stéphan has vaguely left the threat hanging: "I must be loyal to my club and to the Pinault family who has always trusted me (but) if there are reasons that lead me to think that I can not lead (the project) to good, it is necessary to think carefully".

And even if he claims to have had "no approach, no club"and not to be"in this spirit"The technician, whose rating is at the zenith, does not have too much to worry about his future, he would be almost philosopher.

"When we all pulled in the same direction and we looked in the same direction, it worked very well. We have experienced incredible things, all together. When we do not all pull in the same direction, it becomes less beautiful. That may be what is happening right now. It's a good lesson to remember".


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