Dallas Cowboys' new co-ordinator, Kellen Moore, knows that the best way to succeed is to make a collaborative effort and to value everyone's input. Moore knows how important it is that Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, Amari Cooper and someone else have an input into his contribution and he is ready to listen to what everyone has to say.

“It doesn't mean you have to go down those roads all the time, but I think it's important that when a player believes in something and that they are nice (sure), they will work , usually. “Moore said, through the Morning Dallas News. “I think it's a joint effort. It includes everyone. That's part of this thing. We just had to go together and start doing things, and then things come up and we will take it when you want to take it at that point. ”

This not only makes sense because the players have a good idea of ​​what works for them, but it also helps the players to listen.

Prescott, Elliott, and Cooper are both contracted parties who think they may help to keep them if they are thinking of leaving.

No matter how much input Moore has he needs to be the person who makes the right decision, and there is no doubt that he will have enough pressure to make sure he gets everything right.

Gerald McCoy


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