Josh McDaniels says that it is hard to say how the New England offense will look

Rob Gronkowski did so much more than a single roster hole. There was also a need to change the philosophy of New England's assault. Although, abusive coordinator Josh McDaniels says it is too early to find out how things will come different in September.

For many years, Patriots' contribution has been one of the best ever to play, extending the field vertically, allowing its mixed and matched receivers group to exploit hollows in shallow areas to midfield.

What is left is the bottom of untested talents at the firm end, with some other young players on the perimeter. According to McDaniels, it will be critical to assess that talent, and build a scheme around her.

“So at this point, I don't really know,” said McDaniels, through “It would be unfair for me to say that, because I haven't seen many of them in our scheme, against protection, there is obviously nothing in pads. So I think we will have OTAs and a training camp this year in assessing what we have and how we should play. In May, it is difficult to say. This is difficult to promote. ”

This is part of what makes the Patriots different compared to some other teams in the NFL.

This type of scheme-specific approach of most teams in the rows can operate, but the Patriots have chosen to operate as a unit that re-establishes itself on an annual basis.

So what will be in 2019? We'll have to wait and see.

Nick Foles, Jaguars

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