NBA Jimmy Butler spends the season training Mark Wahlberg's daughter

Jimmy Butler spends the season training Mark Wahlberg's daughter


The famous actor and musician Mark Wahlberg has received the perfect basketball coach for his daughter.

Jimmy Butler from Philadelphia 76ers upload video (via Twitter Bleacher Twitter account) among them, Wahlberg, and Wahlberg's daughter, Grace.

Wahlberg starts the video to say, “My Gracie said she wanted to start playing basketball. So I got a coach. ”Then he calls on Grace and asks,“ Gracie, who is your coach? ”

Grace says, “Jimmy.” Butler says, “It's the best coach ever.” Wahlberg finishes the video through “WNBA, here we come.”

There is no coincidence that Butler is Grace Wahlberg's basketball coach. He and his friendship go back to 2013. According to the Chicago Tribune K.C. Johnson, both of whom met Wahlberg filming “Transformers: Age of Extinction” in Chicago. Butler was playing for the Chicago Bulls back then.

According to Johnson, the Bulls invited Wahlberg and his friends to play a pickup basketball at the Berto Center (Halls practice facility). Since then Butler and Wahlberg have been in touch.

When Butler was fit for Chicago, he visited Wahlberg during one of the West Bull's road trips. Butler has also joined Wahlberg's group for season trips to Europe. The first one attended Wahlberg children's sporting events, against Johnson.

Despite their age gap of 18 years, they both respect each other. Butler talked high on Wahlberg, against the Chicago Tribune.

He wants to be the best way with him. He taught me that you must sacrifice – waking up early, eating right, going to church, doing what you expect to do every day.

He taught me if you do right in this world and if you do right by people, the sky is the limit for you.

With that, there is no coincidence of Mark Wahlberg with Jimmy Butler being his basketball coach for his daughter. Don't be surprised if Grace Wahlberg makes it to the WNBA someday.

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