Sport Today Jair Pereira would be fired from Chivas for maintaining...

Jair Pereira would be fired from Chivas for maintaining contacts with Matías Almeyda


A new controversy is looming on the horizon of Club Deportivo Guadalajara, and all for a decision that would have taken the board: run from the team to Captain Jair Pereira.

The portal Halftime, through his column Touch Filtering, delivered the reasons why they would leave the experienced defender and the main reason would be linked to a person non grata for the executive table of Chivas: the Argentine Matías Almeyda.

According to the media, "Pereira was one of those who has maintained communication with Almeydaand that is not questionable. What it is that they say that he came to talk on the phone with El Pelado from the dressing room, which did not go down well, "adding that" the Argentine has been quite well informed about the details on the campus, and not because he reads much the press but because they filtered everything. So Pereira stopped being well seen because he also failed to perform as expected especially because of the constant injuries. "

In this way, adds the publication, "the directive expects this decision to cut the captain serves as a message for those "ears" who want to continue sending messages filtered abroad, because it is not for free that Almeyda said a few days ago that if he continued, the Guadalajara would not be as it is ".

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