"It is not the time to go to Barça"

Barça's excitement Xavi Hernández said on Friday in statements to TV3 that it is not yet time to return to Barça as a coach because he should feel more prepared. The player participated Thursday in the final of the Emirates Cup, where his team (Al-Sadd) lost against Al-Duhail (1-4), getting closer to the day of his post as a player and the beginning of his stage as coach, first on the Asian bench.

"It's not that I lift my finger and play for Barça. No. Barça are big words. So, time to time. It's obviously my goal to be able to enjoy Can Barça, but I have to be very prepared. It is not yet the moment, "he pointed out.

In a statement made to the Catalan public network, after the game in Qatar, the player has admitted to having lived in "a fairy tale", for his stage as a player and for the "recognition" that is given "on a personal level , in the football sector, the titles, the experiences ", what he enjoyed" in the field "and feel" important to Barça and to the selection ".

Regarding the moment Barça live, Xavi Hernández has not hidden that he feels that his team has to meet again with the footballing DNA that characterized him and gave him titles. "The feeling is that I think Barça have to regain control of the matches. If not, it's impossible to win the Champions League. Tell us the story: Barça have won the Champions League first when they have won the League and have been very dominant in the Champions League. game. And now, at this time, I think we are not so much anymore, "he stressed.

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