In the shadow of PSG, Paris FC makes his hole and dream of Ligue 1 – Ligue 2

Currently 4th in Ligue 2, the PFC is en route for the accession barriers in L1. With a clear goal: to become the 2nd club in Paris thanks to his training.

Unlike the Airbus taking off from Orly near its new training center, Paris FC does not make much noise in the suburbs of Paris and the football community. And yet. The PFC wants to assert itself next to the PSG. Far from the millions injected by Qatari owners into their neighbor, the club chaired by Pierre Ferracci since 2012 wants to hand over the training to the Ile-de-France football center. Currently fourth in Ligue 2 one day after the end of the season after having recovered two years ago, the Paris club can even start dreaming of derby against Paris-Saint-Germain next year. Club with which it formed a single entity in 1970 before separating in 1972.

Since the inauguration of its training and training center on May 7, the PFC has taken a big step in the professional world. The new high-quality work tool, which cost € 7m, includes two new buildings where the men's and women's sections will share cloakrooms, weight rooms, meeting rooms, training grounds with a youth who will be able to perform his football classes. and school.

"I think it's a necessity to have two clubs among the elite in Paris. In all capitals and major European cities there are several clubs that exist »

For Pierre Ferracci, the goal is clear: "I think it's a necessity to have two clubs among the elite in Paris. In all capitals and major European cities there are several clubs that exist. In Paris, next to the PSG, no one can survive in Ligue 2, and I do not even speak of the Ligue 1. It is certain that it is difficult to find a place there, explains the president . But we are fully aware that there is an emergence of talent in Paris stronger than elsewhere. We want to take advantage and run the training engine at full speed. This training center will allow us. I knew what to do when I arrived here: to play the youth card and the training thoroughly, because we will never have the means of the Qatari. "

A heart of target far from innocuous for the club now installed in Orly. Nobody is unaware that the Ile-de-France is full of young talents who explode most of the time far from the capital. Difficult to make a hole in the middle of all the stars of the PSG. Unless you call Mamadou Sakho (read below). The former captain of the Paris club, now defender Crystal Palace, is one of those young players to have worn the colors of Paris FC before heading to the big club Ligue 1. "I think the pride of seeing a second club emerged in Paris is more important than anything. But we want a Parisian club, with players from our training center. As we say, the majority of the best players are from the Paris region, there is no reason they do not sign at Paris FC, says Pierre Dreossi, general manager of the club since 2015 after an experience at Stade Rennais. The basis of the project is to receive, train and play them. There will be no reason why Paris FC should not become one of the best French training centers. I'm sure he's going to become one. "


The club, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary on August 1st, has been maturing its project for several years. In 2017, the Paris club absorbs the women's section of Juvisy who plays for several seasons the leading roles in women's D1 (6 championship titles in France). Building a training and mixed training center is then a strong message sent to women's football. "I have been at the club since 2008 and the evolution is dazzling. I saw a lot of things set up, confided, moved, Gaëtane Thiney, number 10 of the PFC and the team of France who will play in three weeks the World Cup in front of its public (7 June-7 July). Women's football is receiving some form of recognition and our goal is clear: we need to be a high-level, popular club that can annoy PSG with the men's and women's teams. It will be much simpler with the infrastructure available to us. "

"The stadium today is a real problem. We can not go to the Parc des Princes and share it with PSG »

Pierre Ferracci

Infrastructures, precisely. If this summer, the training and training center will be finalized with the construction of the football school, Paris FC will have to tackle one of its most difficult issues: its stadium. Originally built as a track and field venue, Charléty Stadium does not have the charm of its football counterparts. Pierre Ferracci is fully aware of this. "The stadium today is a real problem. You can not go to the Parc des Princes and share it with PSG. I see ourselves playing badly at Jean-Bouin, because rugby and football do not mix well. I see only as a solution to renovate Charlety and make it a real football stadium. For this, it is necessary to discuss with all the actors concerned and in particular the French Athletics Federation. Today, in Charlety, we tinker, we have no lodges, we have nothing. We animate the stands as we can. But in Ligue 1, it's literally impossible, quality increases at all levels, "says Pierre Ferracci who has set the goal of a rise in Ligue 1 in 3 to 4 years. The renovation of the Charléty stadium could then go very quickly. Like the progression of this club that dreams of emerging from the shadow of the PSG.

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