Sport Ice Hockey World Cup: quarterfinals in sight

Ice Hockey World Cup: quarterfinals in sight


DThe organizers of the Ice Hockey World Championship have come up with some ideas for making the framework program in Kosice's city center, where many other construction sites are witness to a need for redevelopment, attractive to guests from near and far. There is a lot of public interest in the tournament, with more than 70,000 spectators coming in on the first few days. But neither the penalty shootout on a plastic playing field nor photo shoots with pantomime artists, which are made up in the national colors of the participating countries, are currently enjoying overwhelming popularity.

Marc Heinrich

What is mainly due to the weather, which currently does not mean very well with the eastern part of Slovakia. Gusts of wind whip the rain through the streets and let the fans usually choose the direct route to the Steel Arena, where they have been offered by the main characters of this championship matches quite appealing ideas.

The German entertainment contribution on Tuesday evening was not quite as interesting, but he fulfilled its purpose. The selection of Toni Söderholm succeeded in 4: 1 (1: 0, 2: 1, 1: 0) against France the next result of attention: It was the third victory in the third game. So far, everything is going according to plan with nine points. With another victory this Wednesday against the selection of the home team Söderholm and his players can reach their first World Cup goal, reaching the quarter-finals, in a snap. Even the Olympic qualification for Beijing 2022 is to take the Germans only theoretically.

The opening goal in the 18th minute

The coach had changed for the duel with "Les Bleus" his starting lineup in two places: In the gate came only arrived on Sunday from the United States Philipp Grubauer of the Colorado Avalanche promptly to his debut. As a substitute keeper, Niklas Treutle was on the bench ready – and the Schwenninger was suddenly demanded after half an hour, when Grubauer had because of muscular problems in the cabin. According to sporting director Stefan Schaidnagel, it was only "a precautionary measure".

In the first attack row also made for the first time Leon Draisaitl as center and Dominik Kahun on the wing common cause. The top striker of the Edmonton Oilers and his side man of the Chicago Blackhawks was in combination with the Cologne Frederik Tiffels noted that they wanted to lead as leaders to get structure into the actions in the other half. Kahun failed Hardy (10th minute) and Draisaitl scored the only goalkeeper seconds later.

Germany goalkeeper Philipp Grubauer (r) in action.

The top talent in the black-red-gold jersey appeared more consistently: Moritz Seider, who had only just come of age, scored the lead (18th), with the young professional from Mannheim completing the exact presentation of Wolfsburg's Gerrit Fauser. That the French, who after two defeats against Denmark and the "Team USA" direct their attention on the fight against the descent, were willing to sell themselves in the prestigious neighborly duel expensive, brought the defense of the German work.

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