Stanley Cup winner Philipp Grubauer arrives in the evening against France for his first appearance at the Ice Hockey World Championships in Slovakia.

National coach Toni Söderholm relies on the 27-year-old NHL keeper of the Colorado Avalanche, who arrived in Kosice on Sunday. This was announced by the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB) about three hours before the third German World Cup match.

Mathias Niederberger from the Düsseldorfer EG receives a break in the opening victories against Great Britain (3: 1) and Denmark (2: 1) and is not in the squad for the game.

Also with the field players Söderholm makes small changes. For the weak against Denmark Benedikt Schopper (Straubing) comes in the defense Olympian silver winner Jonas Müller of the polar bears Berlin for his first World Cup mission. In attack Lean Bergmann (Iserlohn) gets a break. Marc Michaelis of Minnesota State University plays for him for the first time.


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