«I do not remember anyone defending me when they called me fat»


Ronaldo breathed a sigh of relief when Valladolid, the club he now presides over, certified his permanence in the top flight of Spanish football. Who was one of the best strikers in the history of football, world champion with Brazil, is still linked to football but now from the offices. That is why the Financial Times has given you an interview in which, inevitably, football has been the central theme.

"I have one thing that the rest do not have, which is that I have played and I know what the players think. I know what they want and what they need, "says Ronaldo Nazario about his current role as president of Valladolid.

The ex-forfighter remembers some of the most special moments of his career, such as the two World finals in which he had minutes (1998 and 2002) and in which he met the bitter face and the sweet face of football. Thus, in the interview 'or phenomenon' he remembers the fear that happened in the second of them when he feared that the same thing happened to him four years before, when he suffered an attack of epilepsy the night before the game.

"In the final in Yokohama, the game was at eight o'clock in the evening, just like in Paris. After dinner everyone went to sleep and I just thought: 'I do not want to sleep, fuck'. I looked for people to talk to and I found Dida, the substitute goalkeeper of Brazil. I said: 'No, you, please stay with me' … I did not sleep at all that day because of the fear that it would happen again … Dida stayed with me all the time, 'he explains.

"People like conspiracies. Too much shit. It was not my best game that day, but I fought and ran. There are days when you do not feel well and others just the opposite. It is difficult to explain. Watch Messi with Barcelona and Argentina. He is a completely different player. It is not easy to play with your team in a big tournament. There they play the best in the world and it is not easy to win a World Cup. Especially when you play against France in Paris, "he adds.

The problem of weight

Ronaldo had to fight during his race against hypothyroidism, fighting because his weight did not get out of control. With the passage of time, he analyzes the attacks he had to endure for this reason: "There are mobilizations for many things. If you're black, if you're gay … I do not remember anyone defending me when they called me fat. I do not care".

During his career he also earned the reputation of putting sex over football, and about sex makes a revelation in the interview: "I did a vasectomy, but I froze enough sperm to form a football team if my partner wants" .

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