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The media say that Russian hockey players drank 160 glasses of beer
Sergo Gagloev, photo:

The media reported that the Russian national team at the World Championships in Slovakia after the group stage match drank 160 glasses of beer per team. We talk about the incident and what the public is saying.


The Slovak media published footage of the team dinner for the Russian national hockey team during the World Cup, which took place immediately after the group tournament match with the Czech Republic (3: 0). The game was held on May 13th.

The photo captures the players of the Russian national team inside and around one of the popular Asian restaurants in Bratislava in the evening. On the table are beer glasses. According to the publication, the Russians appeared in the institution around nine o'clock in the evening.

The source claims that the hockey players first ordered sushi, and then consumed a lot of beer – about 160 glasses (if divided into 24 people, then about six by one), after which they returned to the hotel by bus.

However, restaurant staff do not confirm this information.

“This is all bullshit. There were no 160 glasses of beer. These photos were published by a Slovak newspaper, which always prints nonsense. It even sounds funny. They just sat quietly and had dinner. The reporters of this newspaper went inside, and the Russian players asked them to leave, ”reports the words of one of the workers of the“ Championship ”institution.

Head coach of Russian team Ilya Vorobev also denies this information.

“We do not comment on the information of incomprehensible foreign sources. This is bullshit, ”says Vorobyev.


The hockey community, even if this incident is true, does not see anything terrible. Many supported our national team.

World champion in the Russian team, famous coach Andrey Nikolishin shared his opinion on the situation.

“Our hockey players drank a lot of beer after playing with the Czechs? Well, great. Cool, enjoy it! What's wrong with that? Where is it written that you can not drink beer? In the NHL this is not something out of the ordinary, and in the KHL is the same. Everywhere they drink beer, already come to terms with it.

By how many glasses on a hockey player turned out, by six? Let them better calculate how many kilograms of the barbell they lifted, how many kilometers of crosses they ran. Six glasses of beer – they did not even quench their thirst. I think that one can only be glad that our hockey players can still drink. Ask our legends, such as Boris Mikhailovich Mikhailov, how much they drank. When our hockey players start to drink as much as in the times of Mikhailov, then we, perhaps, will win every year world championships. There is a famous saying: who does not drink, he does not win. So everything is correct. I think that you guys are great. I put them five. If I were a coach, I would praise, ”said Nikolishin.

Famous hockey coach Andrey Nazarov commented on the information of the Slovak press.

“I always tell all my hockey players that only good drinks should be drunk, and Czech beer is the best in the world. It is a pity that I was not near the guys and the national team, I would have missed them a couple of cups after such a victory and discussed the game. Only a layperson thinks that hockey players do not drink. They are also people, and a few beers will definitely not hurt them.

We look forward to the next game, I have no doubt that the guys will give away an enchanting match with Latvia. Czech beer only helps to enter the tone. We support Russia! ”- said Nazarov.

Olympic champion Alexander Pashkov sees nothing wrong with that.

“In the National Hockey League, drinking beer after the game is not a crime. In Soviet hockey, this was a gross violation of the regime and was strictly punished. In Russian hockey such cases also occur, but they are rare. There is a saying: who does not drink, does not play. As a joke, you can say so.

But seriously speaking, the press is looking for such elements of the behavior of athletes that can cause a certain reaction, make a sensation in their environment. This is not the best way to promote hockey, ”says Pashkov.

World champion Alexey Yashin commented on the information of the Slovak media.

to tell. A lot to drink is a loose concept. Six glasses on a hockey player? This is a lot, yes indeed. And if seven were drunk, then in general it would be … But, listen, each team has certain rules, and each team decides for itself whether to drink beer or not. Basically, the guys just had dinner after the cool game, and I don’t see what the scandal is about.

Is it permissible to drink beer during a major tournament? I don't know, Gretzky drank beer after the games. Everyone decides what to drink. In professional sports, this is quite common, but, I repeat, it all depends on the rules that the team has adopted. If there is a regime and the guys decide to bypass it, then this is probably wrong. And if this is allowed in the team and does not interfere with the game, then everything is fine, ”said Yashin.

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