Higher allowances for civil servants: Police investigators go empty-handed - Berlin

On Wednesday, the main committee of the Berlin House of Representatives will decide on the new allowance regulation for police officers. Especially the allowances for the special forces, but also for normal patrol officers, for the riot police, divers and the fire department should be increased. With this, the red-red-green coalition meets demands from the police, trade unions and professional associations. Also because the competition among the federal states to personnel grows.

But now, after the Interior Committee has decided on it, and just before the Main Committee deals with the amendment to the Compulsory Benefit Ordinance, there is renewed anger. Thus, the allowances for SEK officials are raised significantly, from 153 euros to 425 euros a month, for officials of the mobile task force and the bodyguards from to 375 euros. More get even undercover agents (325 euros) or officials of the search units in the local directorates (375 euros).

A unit at the LKA was forgotten

But a unit at the LKA, which must also handle extreme missions, was apparently forgotten. The professional associations "Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter" and "Independent" are therefore pushing for short-term amendments to the amendment. It is about the target and personal investigators of the LKA Department 73. They hunt criminals and serious criminals in Germany and Europe at any time of the day or night. Like other special forces, they must be ready to be alerted at all times, even if the family weekend is imminent. Often for months, they are on the trail of wanted criminals to execute an arrest warrant.

The red-red-green legislative amendment envisages a new allowance of 188 euros for officials of a "mobile search unit" (MFE). Although there are the Federal Police, but not in Berlin, as the police confirmed on request. The FDP domestic politician Marcel Luthe said on Tuesday: "I can only imagine that with the MFE the target investigators of the LKA 7 are meant – otherwise the coalition would have these colleagues who daily dealing with heavy and criminal criminals and special commitment , forget it. And then Parliament has to correct that. "

Officials are "exceedingly disappointed"

But inside the police is clear: With the not existing in Berlin "mobile search unit" the target investigators of the LKA7 can not be meant. The officials concerned speak of a clear unequal treatment: the officials are after years of service on call without an allowance grossly disappointed, this time to go out empty, it said. The dangers and burdens with which the allowances are justified, for example, for the MEK, are also exposed to the target investigators. Possibly, it is said internally, lacked the LKA7 also a mouthpiece. The department has been runeless since October 2018, the post of department head is vacant.

The Police Union (GdP) said on Tuesday that other high-risk investigators continue to receive no allowances. As an example, the GdP cites, for example, the civil gangs of the police in the directorates or the AGIA units ("intercultural tasks"), which deal with deportations and illegal residence. Already in September, the DGB had urged that even officials who are mainly in the field for covert and operational missions, get a supplement. That would have included the target investigators of the LKA.

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