NFL Harmon's Duron protected with Bill Belichick calling plays

Harmon's Duron protected with Bill Belichick calling plays


The season was filled with uncertainty regarding the Patriots coaching team, especially following the absence of defense defense coordinator Greg Schiano.

All the staff members may have been set up, for now, but Bill Belichick seems to be taking on more responsibility. According to reports, Belichick will handle protective caller duties for the 2019 season.

“I mean, the Belichick coach, the Belichick coach,” said Harmon Duron, with safety, through Kevin Duffy from Boston Herald. “If he's calling the plays, we'll be all right.”

Belichick asked the protective plays for the Patriots last in 2010.

Harmon said: “This man wanted to protect the Giants (in the 1980s) and they won two Super Bowls, who trained Lawrence Taylor and things. I think if he is calling the plays, I think he will be okay. ”

The Patron's defense unit was boosted by staff signing Jamie Collins, who had previously been a member of the team before his trade in Cleveland Browns.

Although it was only two and a half years from New England Collins left, it returns to various circumstances. He came to Cleveland as a young shuperstar. After a few big seasons, he left in a free agency in mid-May.

Now Collins's role is the question. The Pats are deep at linebacker, with Dont's Hightower and Kyle Van Noy returning as the best two players, and JaWhaun Bentley was playing 63.3 percent of the protective buttons before being put on an injured reserve in Week 4.

Collins had collisions in his first time with Pats, but he is unlikely to walk into the same role now. However, their presence will only provide flexibility with Belichick's defense calls.

Aaron Rodgers, Packers


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