Griezmann tells Atlético that he will leave this summer

Atlético wanted a definitive answer from Antoine Griezmann and he already has it. The Frenchman informed the club, in a meeting held this afternoon, that he will leave the club once the season is over – there is still a game with him. I raised– and then pay the clause … which as of June 1 becomes 120 million euros. "That's what he told us," they admitted from the club late at night. At least the Atlético de Madrid he welcomes that he will not be with uncertainty during the summer and will be able to take advantage of that money – although 20% will go to the Real society as it was fixed in the 2014 agreement – to remodel a template that will need several touches after the departure of players as Diego Godín, Lucas Hernàndez, Juanfran Torres or Filipe Luís.

A month ago the Athletic one was eliminated of surprising form – by the good result that had obtained in the first party of the League of Champions. That day, Antoine Griezmann, like the rest of his teammates, did not appear at Juventus Stadium. That way he certified a rather gray season of French. In the only Atletico title of the season – the European Supercup – he barely played a leading role and although he has been the team's top scorer, his numbers are a far cry from what was expected of one of the highest paid players in the world. When a year ago he signed his renewal with Atletico he kept an ace up his sleeve in case things did not go as expected. And in view of what has been seen, this has been the case. He asked that his clause of 200 million be automatically lowered to 120 'kilos' on July 1, 2019. A clear gesture that left his exit from the Metropolitan open wide.

He asked that his clause of 200 million be automatically lowered to 120 'kilos' on July 1, 2019. A clear gesture that leaves his exit from the Metropolitan wide open

The external agents also do not help the '7' bet on its continuity. In the goodbye of Diego Godín – his best friend in the squad and one of the 'reasons' to stay – the French was dejected. Tears, hugs and obvious pain gestures that made clear their dissatisfaction with the decision. This was made clear to the club when before the game against Sevilla, appeared in the Metropolitan with his friend's shirt, instead of the official suit. Many saw it as a nod to the Uruguayan, but in the offices it felt like a challenge.

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Meanwhile, in Barcelona one looks with expectation at the passing of events in the Metropolitan. With the almost probable march of Coutinho, who has disappointed sportingly and has faced the stands, and the constant injuries of Dembélé, which prevent him from performing with continuity, from the technical secretariat it is believed that Antoine Griezmann is the perfect player to accompany Leo Messi in what has become an obsession: the Champions League. The Frenchman is a versatile striker, who works, who scores goals and who could be a perfect partner for the Argentine.


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