Gernika and Arenas fight for the Biscayan pavilion

The last day, the 38th, in a unified Sunday (18: 00h) except the Cultural-Oviedo B on Saturday (18: 00h) in Tabira, still has two star players, Arenas and Gernika, in conflict with the Royal Union for dribbling the direct descent by the forales and the playout with regards to the sandboxes. The SD Amorebieta expects to certify its square copera in Mareo.

In Tabira the Cultural of the category is dismissed with the boots on, ready to leave his mark against Oviedo B, who is sixth with the same points (56) as Bilbao Athletic, so he could overtake the puppies in the final sprint. The idea is to march winning by corroborating that the staff has competed with dynamism.

Al Arenas, without the injured Txemi Talledo, who will not be able to hang the gloves in Gobela receives the CD Mirandés, which can be second in the table to have the UD Logroñés with two points above. Facing this last day, the red and black team will maintain the category if they win, if they draw and Izarra lose, if they draw and the Real Union does not win and if they lose and Real Union does not win. Any other combination would force to play the playout to the set of Endika Bordas. Limones, goalkeeper of the Rojillos, launched that he finds it stimulating "to play before a team that plays his life" and reduced the importance to raise a position in the final drawer. "I have a lot of playoffs; if you are not first, between second and third the important thing is to be aware that you are going to three eliminatory, the position does not matter », settled.

The Gernika I did the homework in Urbieta with a goal from the always accurate Gorka Larruzea, who knocked down the Cultural. He stays with pulse for this last appointment in Lasesarre. El Barakaldo prepares, for its part, for the promotion playoff in these two weeks of transition, recovering cash and giving rest to players with more load of minutes. The men of Arrondo have no other choice but to win and depend on the fact that Real Unión plays at Stadium Gal with a Tudelano who does not play anything. The playout position is the objective. A chartered free bus from the Gernika station at 12 h. heading to the factory town.

The Bilbao Athletic dismissed the season in Lezama with a 2-0 victory against Real Union with goals from Villalibre and Iñigo Vicente and now It's time to say goodbye to Ellakuri before a CD Vitoria has already descended. A special day for Aritz Solabarrieta, who leaves the club in June with his assistant Iñaki González, more Larrazabal and Villalibre that will ascend to the first team and Iñigo Muñoz that ends contract. A final cartridge to be rolled Sancet and Baqué after recovering from their ligament operations, with Sillero, Vivian and Víctor San Bartolomé leaving their respective injuries and Guruzeta operated and workshops until November. Unai Etxebarria goalkeeper will not be heading to the playoff with UD Logroñés. The mission is to maintain the fifth place.

«As it is the last game of the season and we play the Copa del Rey, you will surely see the game in Ganzábal», he launches in his official account the UP Langreo to encourage its social mass, which receives the SD Leioa already classified. Prices for adult, 15 euros, Sub 25: 10, Sub 17, 5 and partners and children, free. Farewell day for the great captain, Aitor Córdoba, which aims to accept the offer of the First Division of Greece.

In the facilities of Mareo, SD Amorebieta plays the Cup with the competition of UP Langreo, with one point less for the Asturians.. They say goodbye to Aritz Mujika, who hangs up his boots, and Mario Soberón, who finishes his cession of Racing, as well as the puppies Tascón and Luengo. A spectacular second round of the men of Iñigo Vélez de Mendizabal, who they want to endorse with the cherry of the Tournament of the KO once relieved their coffers.

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