Freddie Kitchen talks to new protective manufacturers

Freddie Kitchen talks to new protective manufacturers

This talk was all about Cleveland Browns but the coach Freddie Kitchen doesn't want you to forget the defense. Talking to reporters on Wednesday, the kitchens reminded everyone who had signed up to the defense and how excited it was from the additions.

“I don't know whether you got the AP Wire. Is Wire Wire still going on these days? However, we signed some defensive people who can play some football, ”said the kitchens with reporters through the official Browns website '. “We really succeeded. (Protective defense) Sheldon Richardson, (defense end) Olivier Vernon, (safety) Morgan Burnett, we also put some pieces on protection. Hopefully, you will start talking about them a little. ”

Richardson, Vernon, and Burnett should be the key players in making the defense stronger in the coming season and while they are just reasonable, the Browns have the opportunity to win many games. Vernon also spoke to the media on Wednesday and said that it is still some time before everyone gets everything out, but now he is happy with the place where the team is.

“It's a bit early, but from what I've seen, everyone just wants to get the right, trying to be together, understanding the defense,” Vernon said. “That's it, lots. Just want to set the standard every day, trying to serve them. Just build chemistry. That's the main thing. ”

Everyone is going to watch Browns's offense, but don't forget to check the protection too.

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