"Franck Ribery is a monument," says Oliver Kahn

"Franck Ribery is a monument," says Oliver Kahn

Oliver Kahn played four seasons with Franck Ribery in Bavaria. As the Frenchman prepares to bid farewell to supporters this Saturday in the Bundesliga against Eintracht Frankfurt, former 49-year-old goalkeeper Bayern Munich looks back on Kaiser's twelve seasons. Franck "in the most titled German clubs.

After twelve seasons in Bavaria, Franck Ribery will leave Bayern Munich in the coming days. What do you think ?

OLIVER KAHN. I was still the goalkeeper of Bayern when Franck landed in 2007 and in 2019, he is still there. It's incredible. I never thought he would stay in Munich for so long. Over time, he found the club of his life to never leave him. He will have marked the spirits.

What do you mean ?

From memory, I do not remember a foreign player staying so long at Bayern. And then, in terms of play, he made strong by allowing to bring to winger position a dimension that was unknown in Germany. Playing with so much care and panache excited so many fans. Today, he is the idol of the club.

During your active days, have you been the victim of one of his many jokes?

Indeed, he dared to attack me by pouring from a roof a seal of water that I received on the head at the training center. But he was good-natured and he was so strong-footed that I could not blame him. It had to be accepted as it was. He needed to distract himself by making jokes in order to show his best face in a match.

He did not always have an irreproachable attitude …

He sometimes behaved like a diva and during his first years in Munich, he did not really identify with his club. He saw Bayern as a step before joining Real Madrid. But in recent years and especially since he understood that leaders would always be there for him, no matter what he does, he knows what this club represents. He understood the meaning. As a result, his loyalty conquered the fans so that he now unanimously.

What trace will he leave in Germany?

At Bayern, Franck is a monument. It is no coincidence that he can become this weekend the first player in Bundesliga history to win nine league titles. It's fantastic. In addition, being able to meet the requirements of the high level to 36 years, given what requires his style of game debauchery of energy, it is impressive. He deserves to finish in style with, I hope for him, the double Cup-championship (Note: Bayern will be champion if he takes a point against Eintracht Frankfurt and he will play the final of the Cup next Saturday against Leipzig).

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