football launches the fight against discrimination

football launches the fight against discrimination

Physical assault against homosexuals increased by 66% last year according to the SOS homophobia association. To combat this phenomenon, the Professional Football League has set up an action for the next weekend. Indeed, captains of professional teams will wear a rainbow-colored armband. On the side of amateur clubs, there is also a mobilization against discrimination.

"It's not acceptable anymore"

"The most common insults you hear on a football pitch are homophobic insults", testifies Hugo Fonseca, treasurer of Panamboyz and Girlz, Parisian club at the forefront of the fight against homophobia.It does not take more than it says, as we can no longer say dirty black dirty Arab. It's no longer acceptable today in our society", he insists, with a rainbow band on the shirt of his club, symbol of the fight.

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