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The Anadolu Efes of Istanbul will play in Vitoria the first final of the European Cup of its history after imposing its vigor and strength before an ailing Fenerbahçe. It was not enough for the current runners-up with the totem booklet Obradovic to survive a gale led by Larkin (30 points, seven rebounds and 43 points) and Micic (25 points and 27 points), the fashion team's revelation . The two sharpest pieces of the brand new reconstruction that the blues undertook last summer after finishing the regular league of 2017-2018. In Vitoria, Ataman's troop will compete to become the Maccabi of 2014 after dominating the duel endlessly from end to end.

An early flurry of triples, one from Moerman and two from Larkin, allowed the Efes to stand firmly in the Buesa Arena and anticipate the outcome. Obradovic looked at the bench and gave a quick start to his two main stilettos, Sloukas and Vesely. And the appearance of the Czech pivot, hesitant until the last minute to dispute the semifinal, and the Greek base cut the effervescence of the Blues and energized the Fenerbahçe. With the new balance of forces narrowed the score in a flash until Sloukas himself closed the first round with a triple that gave the advantage to their own (20-19, 10). A mirage based on pride but empty of play.

In the duel of hobbies, the Fernerbahçe won on the street, 3,000 against 500 of the Efes, almost imperceptible among the yellow tide. But, on the track, Ataman's did not accuse his inexperience in the dance.

Micic took the baton relay and built a partial 2-10 in the first three minutes of the second quarter that forced Obradovic to read the card again to his players. Without Datome or Lauvergne and with Kalinic also among cottons, responsibility, leadership and points were shared as never before in Fenerbahçe. But the union contribution never reached to compensate the inferiority in the rebound (25-43) and the overwhelming dominance of Larkin (11 points, six assists and 21 assessment in his first 14 minutes on the track).

A three plus one of Anderson before the trip to locker rooms consolidated the command of Efes. The passing of the minutes revealed the shock of a bruised and asymmetric group due to the effect of casualties versus another full of energy and confidence. Larkin continued to hammer at the resumption; He continued paddling the Fenerbahçe by squeezing Vesely's forces. He won the vibrant blue inertia.

The resistance resabiada Obradovic stretched the intrigue for a stretch with some margins on the scoreboard. However, in the sensations on the track the gap was increasing. Fenerbahçe's challenge was to hold on to the match like a burning nail to impose their experience on an outcome on the wire, but the Efes smelled the weakness of his enemy and forced the machine to finally break the semifinal.

From 53-57 from minute 25 it went to a 55-68 four later. A move of playground of Larkin crowned the 2-11 of partial and left grogui to Obradovic before entering the home straight. It was point 22 of the Cincinnati base, which in 2016 arrived in Europe from the hand of Baskonia and last summer, after closing with Boston his second stage in the NBA, led the list of lustrous signings of the Efes to reconstruct in a big way a project touched after remaining at the last edition of the Euroleague. From the red lantern to the final in just one year. The first final for a club that after playing the Final Four of 2001 and the Suproliga in 2001 had not returned to be among the European elite.

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