FilGoal | News Video - England for Africans .. Salah, Mani and Obamyang equal at the top of the conflict scorers

From other cross to Trent Alexander Arnold, Adel Sadio Mani balance Mohammed Salah, the top scorer of the English Premier League.

With 22 goals, Salah and Mani, along with Pierre Emeric Obamyang, became the tournament's top scorers just minutes from the end.

For the first time in the history of the tournament, 3 Africans have been at the top of the scorers' clash in the first season in which 3 Africans have crossed the 20 goals.

Arnold scored his 13th industry this season, the third-best maker of goals in the tournament.

A cross in the 81st minute Manny unceasingly scored Liverpool's second goal against Wolverhampton, a goal that seems worthless to the team but very important for Senegalese.

Not worthless? City 4 – 1 over Brighton and close to the league title.

Egyptian, Senegalese, and Gabon, and final minutes of the decision.

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