Eurocopa 2020: Luis Enrique has the only word in the national team

The Federation will not urge the technician to clarify the future. "There are no deadlines," insists José Francisco Molina.

Luis Enrique, during a press conference with the national team.

This Friday, in Las Rozas, the situation generated aroundLuis EnriqueIt obscured everything else. The return ofCazorlafour years later, theIsco, the novelty ofOyarzabal… Everything fell short of what is really worrying right now in the Spanish Federation, whose communication team deals with howgive normalityto a situation that isof everything except normal. In the previous days, from the heart of Las Rozas, they would slip that it was normal that Luis Enrique was not in thePress conference, but they left a small door open just in case.

That door was closed when the Press Room of the City of Soccer appearedJosé Francisco Molina, the sports director, andRobert Moreno, the second of Luis Enrique, those in charge of explaining a list that, according to Moreno's textual words,"It's Luis". And throughout the almost half hour that they were in front of the media -to whom they thanked the behavior in this case- their objective was one: to convey the feeling that Luis Enriquecontinues to work with some normality. "The only thing is that maybe we have driven Leones crazy (Antonio Limones, the head of travel in the Federation) because we have changed more times, but in the rest, we have worked as usual during these two months, "Moreno said.

He refers to the fact that, to the extent that he has been able to do so, Luis Enrique has followedwatching games, videos and reading reports. You have designed the list. You will see the trainings (from3 of June) in'streaming'and will make decisions in the alignments againstFaroe Islands(June 7) andSweden(June 10th). "The only thing that is not in person", he closed his second in a kind, conciliatory and didactic tone, the minimum necessary to hold a situation that depends on aonly parameter: what Luis Enrique says.


Because, although there are voices within the Federation that whisper the unstable of the moment, how harmful it is in the medium term, how difficult it issustain in timeall this, the president,Luis Rubiales, and the sports director, José Francisco Molina, have taken the decision toaccept the deadlinesof the Asturian technician. A few days ago, a delegation of four people, including the two of them, went toCasteldefellsto eat with him. Beyond his (even more) thinness, no one even crossed his mind to imply what will happen after these games in June. "There are no deadlines, at no time has a question about him been raised. We hope to have him for a long time and we do not set any deadlines. In no case we consider achange of selector", insisted, up to four times, Molina.

The situation, then, is strange. On the one hand, the family problem that the coach goes through continuespreventing him from normal development of his profession, and on the other, the Federation does not feel in the mood to ask for a clarification of the future, so that now in June it will be its technical team that will lead the selection and from then on everything is unknown, but with only one actor decision capacity: Luis Enrique.

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