Liverpool –

Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp was stunned by the sensational 4-0 win over FC Barcelona and his return to the Champions League final, and then lost his way.

"It's ten past ten, most of the kids are in bed," he said, and then praised his team, "these guys are fucking mentality giants, it's unbelievable!" The 51-year-old already guessed that he had one for the F-word Fine threatens. He mischievously grinned into the camera and said, "Punish me, if you want."

The F-word is taboo on British television. If it does drop, moderators are encouraged to apologize to the audience. But the English ex-national player and TV presenter Gary Lineker refused. "I was asked to apologize, but I do not. I think he was absolutely right after this game, "Lineker said. "He gets away with it, it's past 10pm. Well done, Jürgen! "His former national team colleague and TV expert Rio Ferdinand added:" He will be punished for that, but I do not think he cares. "(Dpa)


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